• Barramundi


    Barramundi has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s finest eating fish due to its delicious, moist firm and flakey fine grained meat that cooks up white with a mild Flavour. Check out our ‘Ocean to Plate’ range.

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  • Reef Fish

    Reef Fish

    Reef Fish are highly prized for their eating qualities and can be prepared many ways. While the Coral Trout has moist, firm, white meat and a sweet delicate flavour, our Snapper has moist firm flesh with a mild Flavour. Check out our range of ‘Ocean to Plate’ Reef Fish.

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  • Australian Whiting

    Australian Whiting

    One of Australia’s more popular fishes, this Australian hero has a fine texture with a sweet delicate flavour.

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  • Basa


    Basa can be prepared many ways due to its capacity to take on any flavour you prefer. Its moist, white flakey flesh which has a mild flavour can be baked, fried, poached, battered or deep fried.

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  • Raw Prawns

    Raw Prawns

    Our raw prawn range covers both marinated and non-marinated. Black Tiger Prawns are bold in colour and have a firm texture and medium prawn flavour while the Vannemai Prawns are paler but have a crunchy firm texture with a medium prawn flavour.

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  • Cooked Prawns

    Cooked Prawns

    Another great ‘Ocean to Plate’ option offering a sweet mild cooked prawn ready to eat. Black Tiger when cooked have a bold red colour with a firm texture while the Vannemai are lighter in colour but have a crunchy firm texture.

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  • SLIPPER LOBSTERS (Balmain Bugs)

    SLIPPER LOBSTERS (Balmain Bugs)

    Slipper Lobsters have a sweet medium to strong flavour and can be prepared by poaching, steaming, barbecuing or grilling.

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    Squid or as it’s more commonly known, Calamari, has a mild seafood taste with a firm texture.

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    Our Baby Octopus is Single Skin and tenderized. Perfect barbequed, char grilled, marinated and is a great addition to Marinara’s and Soups.

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    The perfect products to create salads, sushi & tasty tempura Crab Sticks.

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    Our Sweet Chilli Sauce is of the highest quality and can stand alone as a dipping sauce or can compliment and marry with any marinade for Seafood, Beef, Poultry and Pork.

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